Shade Tree Care

Our shade tree care begins with a pruning program that ensures safety and aesthetics. Trees are evaluated for hazardous limbs, possible failure, growth potential and ways to promote their future health and beauty. We employ ISA-certified arborists and tree workers that have proven experience safely executing even the most dangerous and arduous procedures. Shade tree services include dead limb removal, elevation of limbs from houses, buildings and roofs, cabling split leaders, and stabilizing damages resulting from previously injured or topped trees.

Ornamental Pruning

Properly maintained ornamental shrubs and trees produce brilliant landscape displays that enhance a property's natural beauty. Boxwoods, yews, crape myrtles, hollies and ornamental trees are among the species that thrive from a seasonal maintenance program. Our services include the boxwood "clouding" technique to increase their resilience. Topiary and espalier pruning, reducing, shaping and deadwood removal are among other services scheduled seasonally.

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