Ornamental Tree & Shrub Care Pruning, Nashville, TN

Shade Tree Care

Our shade tree care begins with a pruning program that ensures safety and aesthetics. Trees are evaluated for hazardous limbs, possible failure, growth potential, and ways to promote their future health and beauty. We employ ISA-certified arborists and tree workers that have proven experience safely executing even the most dangerous and arduous procedures. Shade tree services include dead limb and storm damage removal, elevation of limbs from houses, buildings and roofs, cabling split leaders, and stabilizing damages resulting from previously injured or topped trees.

Ornamental Pruning

Properly maintained ornamental trees and shrubs produce brilliant landscape displays that enhance a property's natural beauty. Boxwoods, yews, crape myrtles, hollies, and ornamental trees are among the species that thrive from a seasonal maintenance program. Our services include the boxwood "clouding" technique to increase their resilience. Topiary and espalier pruning, reducing, shaping, and deadwood removal are among other services scheduled seasonally.
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Restorative Plant Health Care Program

Central to our Plant Health Care Program (PHC) is revitalizing the plant's root system and controlling negative effects of environmental stress. Our plant health technicians monitor and conduct services for complete plant health care. We use enriched formulas such as blending Biochar, natural botanicals, mycorrhizae, minerals, and other nutrients to feed trees and shrubs. If your trees have suffered construction damage or the negative effects from drought, heat or frost, we prescribe a protocol that rejuvenates the trees. Under our care, hundreds of trees have had dramatic recovery from serious decline, have shown a healthier appearance, and are more disease-resistant.

Pest Damage, Infestation, and Disease

Early detection and proper treatment can save trees and shrubs from pest damage and disease. Using the safest green practices of injections and inoculants on the market, our treatments curb common pest problems including boxwood leaf miners, aphids, emerald ash borers, azalea lace bugs, mites, psyllids, fungus, and bagworms.
Pest Control — Tree Care in Nashville, TN
Tree Trimming — Pruning in Nashville, TN

Safe Tree Removal

When storm damage occurs, count on us to provide a quick and safe response to removing even the largest of hazard trees. Whether the tree has outgrown its space or must be removed for construction or landscaping purposes, our team gets the job done efficiently and safely.

Stump Grinding, Chipper Service, and Woodland Management

Druid offers stump removal and chipper service for whatever wood fiber debris has been created. If your project requires the clearing of deadfall and nutrient depleting invasives, we can help you. Our services provide thorough clean up to restore the beauty of your property using our fleet of new, highly efficient, and safe maximum-capacity machinery.
Wood Chipper — Tree Removal in Nashville, TN

Pre-Construction Site Assessments, Diagnosis, Tree Valuations, Stewardship Plans, and Consultations

As a member of the American Society of Consulting Arborists, Cabot J. Cameron offers his expertise in tree stewardship, planning, risk assessment, cost of cure, appraisals, and expert witness testimony. A stewardship plan provides recommendations for timing, priorities, phases, hazard risk trees, soil fertility, and plant pathology. When planning construction projects, the existing landscape of trees and shrubs requires special attention to prevent damage. By conducting a pre-construction site assessment before you begin your project, you can alleviate future problems and save overall project costs.